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Tidigare seminarier på Vi2

2009-07-01 - 2010-01-01

Nästa Datum och plats (*) Typ Nyckelord Talare Titel
2009-08-24   15:15
Cris Luengo Constrained Path Openings and Closings
2009-08-31   15:15
Gunilla Borgefors Tessellations and Their Use in Architecture
2009-09-07   15:15
Catherine Östlund Taking the fingerprint of a press felt
2009-09-14   15:15
Vladimir Curic On set distances and their application in image processing
2009-09-21   15:15
Gunilla Borgefors Highlights from 9th International Symposium on Mathematical Morph...
2009-09-28   15:15
Patrik Malm Closing Curves with Riemannian Dilation
2009-10-05   15:15
Joakim Lindblad Pixel coverage segmentation for improved feature estimation
2009-10-09   13:15
M Yang Wenlan Image Analysis for Marker-less Facial Tracking
2009-10-12   15:15
Anders Hast Improved Textures for 3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization...
2009-10-19   15:15
Khalid Niazi and Bettina Selig Image Registration using Particle Swarm Optimization
2009-10-26   15:15
Erik Wernersson Generating synthetic micro-CT images of wood fibre materials
2009-11-02   15:15
Stefan Seipel A model for curvature based local illumination
2009-11-09   15:15
Ewert Bengtsson Biomedical image analysis in many dimensions
2009-11-10   15:15
M Nils Lenngren k-Uniform Tilings by Regular Polygons
2009-11-16   15:15
Milan Gavrilovic Colour Based Pixel Classification by Reducing RGB Colour Space to...
2009-11-23   15:15
Ingela Nyström UPPMAX Builds Computational Power and Large-Scale Storage for Gen...
2009-11-30   15:15
Kristin Norell Creating synthetic log end face images
2009-12-07   15:15
E Olle Gällmo A brief introduction to Natural Computation
Dept. of Information Technology, Uppsala University
2009-12-14   15:15
Magnus Gedda Algorithms for Grey-Weighted Distance Transforms

(*) Om ingen plats anges: rum 4307.

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