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Tidigare seminarier på Vi2

2011-08-01 - 2012-01-01

Nästa Datum och plats (*) Typ Nyckelord Talare Titel
2011-09-05   14:15
Ida-Maria Sintorn Project wrap up for "Rapid detection and identification of highly...
2011-09-09   14:15
M Alexander Denev Digital Distance Functions Defined by Sequences of Weights
2011-09-12   14:15
E Daniel G. Aliaga Computational Cities: Geometrical Modeling for Urban Design and S...
Department of Computer Science, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
2011-09-19   14:15
Hamid Sarve Rehearsal before the public defense of the thesis
2011-09-26   14:15
E Seidon Alsaody Generalizing Connective Segmentation to Arbitrary Complete Lattic...
Department of Mathematics, UU
2011-10-03   14:15
Stefan Seipel Evaluating 2D and 3D map representations for basic geo-spatial as...
2011-10-04   09:15
E Alexandra Pacureanu Imaging and analysis of the bone cell network with synchrotron ra...
CREATIS, INSA de Lyon & European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France
2011-10-10   14:15
Ingela Nyström eSSENCE - a strategic effort for many researchers including us at...
2011-10-17   14:15
E Carl Sjöberg Probabilistic weighting – a segmentation fusion method
Department of Radiology, Oncology and Radiation Science, UU
2011-10-18   14:15
E Andrew Mehnert Image Analysis for the Study of Chromatin Distribution in Cell Nu...
2011-10-20   14:15
Khalid Niazi Rehearsal before the public defense of the thesis
2011-10-24   14:15
M Fredrik Nysjö Rendering Software for Multiple Projectors
2011-10-24   15:15
M Shuo Li Registration of 3D Volumetric CT Images
2011-10-31   14:15
Amin Allalou Rehearsal before the public defense of the thesis
2011-11-07   14:15
Cris Luengo From Images to Size Distributions
2011-11-10   14:15
E Rittscher Jens Using Algorithms to Produce High Content Information from Cell an...
2011-11-14   14:15
Azadeh Fakhrzadeh Automated Analysis of Histological Images of Testicular Tissue
2011-11-21   14:15
Elisabeth Linnér Properties of the Face- and Body-Centered Cubic Grids
2011-11-28   14:15
Milan Gavrilovic Rehearsal before the public defense of the thesis
2011-12-05   14:15
Pontus Olsson Physically Co-Located Haptic Interaction with 3D Displays
2011-12-12   14:15
Martin Simonsson Quantification of DNA Damage Response - From the Bottom to the Pl...
2011-12-19   14:15
M Elhassan Mohamed Abdou Visual planning and verification of deep brain stimulation interv...

(*) Om ingen plats anges: rum 4307.

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