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Tidigare seminarier på Vi2

2012-01-01 - 2012-08-01

Nästa Datum och plats (*) Typ Nyckelord Talare Titel
2012-01-09   14:15
Filip Malmberg Interactive segmentation-making it work in practice!
2012-01-16   14:15
Gunilla Borgefors Impression of Onsala Space Observatory
2012-01-23   14:15
Jimmy Azar Complexity & Regularization in Classification
2012-01-24   10:00
M Michael Brennan Comparison of automated feature extraction methods for image base...
2012-01-30   14:15
Erik Wernersson Enhanced (micro) Computerized Tomography
2012-02-06   14:15
Vladimir Curic Salience adaptive structuring elements
2012-02-09   14:15
E Matthew Thurley Automated, Online, Non-Contact Particle Size Measurement on Conve...
Luleå Technical University
2012-02-13   14:15
Bettina Selig Stochastic Watershed – An Analysis
2012-02-20   14:15
Patrik Malm, Mikael Laaksoharju, Gustaf Kylberg, & Simon Tschirner Designing the VI2 web presence
2012-02-27   14:15
Gustaf Kylberg Evaluating texture measures related to local binary patterns
2012-03-05   14:15
Lennart Svensson Protein modelling and recent developments in the ProViz project
2012-03-12   14:15
Omer Ishaq Previous Work on Image Analysis & Computer Vision
2012-03-19   14:15
Ewert Bengtsson Image analysis on different levels - European flagship and high s...
2012-03-26   14:15
Anders Hast GeoMemories a Spatial-Temporal Atlas of the Italian Landscape
2012-03-28   10:00
M Anders Dånmark Volume reconstruction from calibrated image series
2012-04-02   14:15
Anders Brun The Grand Challenges of Handwritten Text Recognition
2012-04-16   14:15
Robin Strand Sampling efficiency of three-dimensional sampling grids
2012-04-23   14:15
Johan Nysjö Haptic-Enabled 3D Angle Measurements in CT Wrist Images
2012-05-07   14:15
Carolina Wählby The WormToolbox of CellProfiler and life & work at the Broad Inst...
2012-05-14   14:15
Issac Niwas Swamidoss Classification of immunostaining patterns in breast tissue from t...
2012-05-21   14:15
E Hans Blom Stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy for nanoscale pro...
Royal Institute of Technology; Science for Life Laboratory – Stockholm, Sweden
2012-05-25   10:15
E Clas Linnman PET and fMRI of fear and pain processing
Childrens Hospital, Harvard, Boston
2012-05-28   14:15
Martin Simonsson Cell tracking with CellProfiler
2012-05-30   13:15
M Abdolrahim Kadkhodamohammadi Counting Sertoli cells in testicular tissue thin sections
2012-05-30   14:15
M Max Morén Efficient Volume Rendering on the FCC and BCC grids
2012-05-30   15:15
M Jing Liu Implementation of a semi-automatic tool for analysis of TEM image...
2012-06-04   14:15
M Karl Bengtsson Bernander & Kenneth Gustavsson Stochastic Watershed - A Comparison of Different Seeding Methods
2012-06-11   14:15
Fei Liu Ubiquitous Visualisation of Spatial Data
2012-06-12   14:15
E Anders Ländström Tensor-Based Adaptive Morphology applied to Crack Detection for S...
Luleå Technical University
2012-06-14   10:30
M Tomas Toss Automatic identification and cropping of rectangular objects in d...
2012-06-18   14:15
M Meng Liang The title of the presentation is: 3D co-occurrence matrix based t...
2012-06-20   14:15
E Alfred M. Bruckstein Digital Geometry for Metrology Tasks
Ollendorff Professor of Science, Computer Science Dept., Technion, Haifa, Israel

(*) Om ingen plats anges: rum 4307.

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