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Tidigare seminarier på Vi2

2013-01-02 - 2013-06-30

Nästa Datum och plats (*) Typ Nyckelord Talare Titel
2013-01-07   14:15
Gunilla Borgefors Darwin was wrong - eyes are easy
2013-01-14   14:15
Vladimir Curic Mathematical morphology for color images
2013-01-21   14:15
Lennart Svensson The ProViz software and trends in electron microscopy
2013-01-28   14:15
Mikael Laaksoharju Theorizing about artifacts
2013-02-04   14:15
Joakim Lindblad Linear time distances between fuzzy/grey sets with applications ...
2013-02-11   13:15
E Helena Bernáld Intercultural Seminar: The Importance of Intercultural Competence...
2013-02-15   14:15
M Sujan Kishor Nath Investigating Multi Instance Classifiers for improved virus class...
2013-02-18   14:15
Carolina Wählby Open source software for image processing - Why should we care wh...
2013-02-25   14:15
Simon Tschirner Analysis of Collaboration Applied to Train Drivers and Train Traf...
2013-03-04   14:15
E Antoine Vacavant Robust image analysis by multi-scale and irregular algorithms
2013-03-08   14:15
M Mariana Bustamante Detection and quantification of small changes in MR-volumes
2013-03-11   14:15
Omer Ishaq Image-based Screening of Zebrafish
2013-03-18   14:15
Filip Malmberg SmartPaint - a new approach to interactive segmentation
2013-03-25   14:15
Anette Löfström An interdisciplinary PhD process
2013-03-28   11:15
M Jonny Gunnarsson Algorithms and representation of 3D regions in radiotherapy plann...
2013-04-08   14:15
Mikael Erlandsson Understanding cognitive work task - Do your colleagues know what ...
2013-04-10   10:45
E Paula Alexandra Silva Active participation of older adults in society
Time for the seminar is after the inauguration coffee and cake in the new lunch room in house four. Tentative starting time: 10.40.
2013-04-11   10:15
E Paula Alexandra Silva Future challenges to HCI education
2013-04-15   14:15
Robin Strand The minimum barrier distance
2013-04-22   14:15
Cris Luengo Identifying All Individuals in a Honeybee Hive -- Progress Toward...
2013-04-29   14:15
Johan Nysjö User-Guided Quantitative Evaluation of Wrist Fractures in CT Imag...
2013-05-06   14:15
Bettina Selig Stochastic Watershed in Action!
2013-05-13   14:15
Ewert Bengtsson Cerviscan – our plans for an automated screening device for cervi...
2013-05-20   14:15
Åsa Cajander Existing but not Explicit - The User Perspective in Scrum Project...
2013-05-27   14:15
Anders Hast Geomemories - A Platform for Visualizing Historical, Environmenta...
2013-05-30   10:15
M Jesper Friberg Detecting background and foreground from video in realtime with a...
2013-06-03   14:15
Thomas Lind Mind the Gap
2013-06-11   09:15
M Haixia Liu Texture Feature Analysis of Breast Lesions in Automated 3D Breast...
2013-06-11   10:15
M Mihai Iulian Florea Computer Assisted Detection of Individuals in a Honey Bee Hive
2013-06-17   14:15
Pontus Olsson A Haptics-Assisted Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery Planning System f...
2013-06-20   11:00
M Amir Motevakel Artifact handling in CT and MRI brain imaging

(*) Om ingen plats anges: rum 4307.

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