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Tidigare seminarier på Vi2

2013-08-01 - 2013-12-30

Nästa Datum och plats (*) Typ Nyckelord Talare Titel
2013-08-14   13:15
E Kim L. Boyer Feature Learning by Semantics-Sensitive Image Distances and Multi...
Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
2013-08-19   14:15
Fei Liu A Scan Line Approach to Facade Region Detection in Street View Im...
2013-08-26   14:15
Kristina Lidayova Coverage segmentation of thin structures
2013-09-02   14:15
Ingela Nyström IAPR and ICPR 2014 for us
2013-09-09   14:15
Punam Saha Fuzzy Digital Topology and Geometry in Medical Imaging – Skeleton...
2013-09-16   14:15
Magnus Larsson Multimodal Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
2013-09-23   14:15
Christophe Avenel Parallel birth and death process for cell nuclei extraction in h...
2013-09-30   14:15
Lars Oestreicher New Science Centre at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm – Teknorama
2013-10-07   14:15
M Max Pihlström The triangulation as a painting medium
2013-10-14   14:15
No Seminar this week Vi2 Internal Meeting
2013-10-21   14:15
Mats Lind Some recent findings on human spatial vision
2013-10-28   14:15
Niklas Hardenborg Elekta, radio therapy and usability
2013-11-04   14:15
Filip Malmberg Exact computation of stochastic watersheds
2013-11-11   14:15
Sajith Kecheril Sadanandan Automated lung cancer detection using scale space features
2013-11-18   14:15
Ida Bodin Future truck driver environment and use of Cognitive Work Analysi...
2013-11-25   14:15
Mikael Laaksoharju The Categorical Implication for Design —Autonomy as The Guiding P...
2013-12-02   14:15
Ingrid Carlbom Malignancy Grading of Prostate Cancer
2013-12-09   14:15
Anne Peters Identity Development of CS and IT Students – What’s the Role of H...
2013-12-09   15:15
Ted Selker Making from Scratch
2013-12-16   14:15
Bengt Sandblad Work environment and health problems in IT-supported work.

(*) Om ingen plats anges: rum 4307.

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