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Tidigare seminarier på Vi2

2014-08-01 - 2014-12-30

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2014-08-18   14:15
E Kiyoshi Murata Social impacts of Snowden's revelations in Japan: an exploratory ...
Kiyoshi Murata, Professor of MIS Director of Centre for Business Information Ethics School of Commerce Meiji University, Tokyo
2014-08-18   15:15
[All who have a poster or oral presentation at ICPR are welcome as speakers] ICPR poster and oral presentation rehersal
2014-09-01   15:15
Fredrik Nysjö and Anders hast Our new 2D and 3D projector
2014-09-02   10:15
Fillipe Dias Moreira de Souza Pattern Theory-Based Interpretation of Activities
2014-09-08   14:15
Geir Gunnlaugsson KUUP - vad betyder det egentligen?
Unit for Quality Enhancement and Academic Teaching and Learning Uppsala
2014-09-08   15:15
Omer Ishaq Ground-truth annotation for real data sets.
2014-09-15   15:15
Pontus Olsson A Novel Virtual Planning of Bone, Soft tissue and Vessels in Fibu...
2014-09-22   14:15
Cris Luengo Path Openings
2014-09-29   14:15
Lars Oestreicher Computers, Electronics and Music
2014-09-29   15:15
Carolina Wählby An open-source platform for integration, automated analysis, and ...
2014-10-06   14:15
Tomas Wilkinson Visualizing Document Images using Image-based Word Clouds
2014-10-06   15:15
Anders Jansson Human Factors Challenges in the MODAS-project
2014-10-13   14:15
Anders Hast Invariant Feature Extraction and Matching
2014-10-20   14:15
Cancelled because of Disputation: Jimmy Azar
2014-10-21   10:15
Marco Loog Scale Selection for Supervised Image Segmentation.
Seminar in connection with Doctoral Dissertation Defence
2014-10-27   14:15
Bettina Selig The Evolution of the Stochastic Watershed
2014-11-03   14:15
E Lennart Thurfjell Decision support in neurodegenerative diseases
2014-11-10   14:15
Ginevra Castellano Socially intelligent robots: closing the loop in human-robot inte...
2014-11-10   15:15
Håkan Selg Researching the Use of the Internet – A Beginner’s Guide
Internopponering inför Disputation
2014-11-17   14:15
Cancelled due to Department planning day
2014-11-20   10:00
E Vikram Bapat, Principal Design Manager and Angela Nelson, Senior Program Manager Extra seminar on interaction and experience design
2014-11-24   11:15
Charles Ess The only good robot is a dead robot? - Cultural, philosophical, a...
2014-11-24   15:15
Cancelled because of Disputation: Lennart Svensson
2014-11-25   14:15
Willy Wriggers From Atoms to Living Organisms: Emergent Complexity of Multiscale...
Frank Batten Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Program in Biomedical Engineering Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
2014-11-26   14:15
Erik Wernersson Rehearsal before the public defense of the thesis
2014-12-08   14:15
Christophe Avenel Uppsala Automatic Prostate Malignancy Grading System: An Overview
2014-12-15   14:15
Alicia Fornés Recognition of the Historical Marriage License Books of the Cathe...
Computer Vision Center - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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