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Tidigare seminarier på Vi2

2015-08-01 - 2015-12-30

Nästa Datum och plats (*) Typ Nyckelord Talare Titel
2015-08-24   14:15
CBA Natasa Sladoje αLBP – a Novel Member of the Local Binary Pattern Family Bas...
2015-08-31   14:15
CBA Teo Asplund Fast and Unbiased Path Openings
2015-08-31   15:15
E CBA Sabrina Rossberger Automated Analyses of collective migrating Malaria Plasmodium Spo...
Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and Institute for Physical-Chemistry in Heidelberg.
2015-09-07   14:15
Ingela Nyström Experiences from being member of various boards and committees
2015-09-14   14:15
CBA Marco Mignardi Cellular barcoding for spatially resolved single-cell genomics
2015-09-21   14:15
Gunilla Borgefors “Uniform Polyhedra” or “What’s in the Vitrine?”
2015-09-21   15:15
HCI Ginevra Castellano Teleoperated robots: examples and challenges
2015-09-28   14:15
CBA Ewert Bengtsson Will digital pathology bring computer assisted pathological diagn...
2015-10-05   14:15
NO SEMINAR - Department Strategy Day
2015-10-12   14:15
Pontus Olsson Haptics with Applications to Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery Plannin...
2015-10-12   15:15
E CBA Max Viergever Examples of current medical image analysis research at University...
University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
2015-10-15   15:00
E Blake Hannaford Augmented User Interfaces in Robotic Surgery
University of Washington
2015-10-19   14:15
HCI Anders Jansson Beyond CWA and EID: Towards a Single Ontology for Mind and Matter
2015-10-23   13:15
E Yvonne Roger How will people manage to live in a future world of IoT
Please note that the seminar i held in Polhemsalen 10134 Ångström, Uppsala University
2015-10-26   14:15
Fredrik Nysjö Modeling of patient-specific cutting guides and fixation plates w...
2015-10-26   15:15
E CBA Rajesh Kumar Ongoing medical imaging research projects at the Centre for Deve...
CDAC, Kerala, India
2015-11-02   14:15
E CBA Pekka Ruusuvuori and Leena Latonen Image analysis for prostate cancer research
BioMediTech, University of Tampere
2015-11-02   15:15
E HCI Marta Kristin Larusdottir Whose Experience Do We Care About? Analysis of the Fitness of Scr...
Reykjavik University
2015-11-09   14:15
CBA Tomas Wilkinson A Novel Word Segmentation Method Based on Object Detection and De...
2015-11-16   14:15
E HCI Gunilla Myreteg Making use of Gidden's structuration theory
2015-11-16   15:15
E HCI Christiane Grünloh Doctors' Technological Frames and eHealth Services
2015-11-23   14:15
HCI Maike Paetzel Exploring the effect of incremental speech processing on dialogue...
2015-11-30   14:15
CBA Christophe Avenel The CADESS Consensus-Graded Prostate Tissue Dataset
2015-11-30   15:15
E HCI Tony Clear Applying Dilemma Analysis as a technique for critically evaluatin...
Associate Professor, Associate Dean Research, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
2015-12-07   10:00
E CBA Prof. MyoungHee Kim Seminar cancelled. Instead there will be a more informal discussi...
Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea
2015-12-07   14:15
No Seminar this week due to Lucia excursion
2015-12-14   14:15
CBA Elisabeth Linnér
2015-12-17   15:15
E CBA Alexandre Xavier Falcão Medical Image Segmentation using Object Shape Models: A Critical ...
Institute of Computing, University of Campinas

(*) Om ingen plats anges: rum 4307.

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