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Presentation Information     2017-05-22 (15:15)   •  4307

Speaker Prof Alejandro F. Frangi   (CBA)
Comment CISTIB Centre for Computational Imaging & Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
Type External presentation
Title Image-based Cerebrovascular Modeling for Advanced Diagnosis and Interventional Planning
Abstract Current technological progress in multidimensional and multimodal acquisition of biomedical data enables detailed investigation of the individual health status that should underpin improved patient diagnosis and treatment outcome. However, the abundance of biomedical information has not always been translated directly in improved healthcare. It rather increases the current information deluge and desperately calls for more holistic ways to analyse and assimilate patient data in an effective manner. The Virtual Physiological Human aims at developing the framework and tools that would ultimately enable such integrated investigation of the human body and rendering methods for personalized and predictive medicine. This lecture will focus on and illustrate two specific aspects: a) how the integration of biomedical im-aging and sensing, signal and image computing and computational physiology are essential compo-nents in addressing this personalized, predictive and integrative healthcare challenge, and b) how such principles could be put at work to address specific clinical questions in the cardiovascular do-main. Finally, this lecture will also underline the important role of model validation as a key to translational success and how such validations span from technical validation of specific modeling components to clinical assessment of the effectiveness of the proposed tools. To conclude, the talk will outline some of the areas where current research efforts fall short in the VPH domain and that will possibly receive further investigation in the upcoming years.