Seminars at CBA

Fall 2002

Each Monday, at about 15:15 until 16:00, seminars about current research
at the Centre for Image Analysis are given in  "seminarierummet",

room 222,  Lägerhyddvägen 17, Uppsala.
Sometimes extra seminars are held at other times than mentioned above.
In such cases the time for the seminar is mentioned in connection to the extra seminar.

The seminars are open to all specialists and non-specialists who are interested in the topics

Welcome !

19/8 Felix Wehrmann Illusions and optical delusions
26/8 Joakim Lindblad Segmentation of fluorescence labeled cells
2/9 Gunilla Borgefors and Ingela Nyström Report from ICPR2002, Quebec City
9/9 Stina Svensson Analysing the convex deficiency for a 3D object
16/9 Pascha Razifar Partial volume effect in PET studies
23/9 Hamed Hamid Muhammed Using Hyperspectral Reflectance Data for Discrimination Between Healthy and Diseased Plants
30/9 Mattias Aronsson An example of 3D paper void analysis
2/10 at 10:15
(extra seminar)
Roya Khomand Image Analysis of cast-iron
Master thesis presentation
7/10 Julia Åhlen Bottom reflectance and colour variability in underwater scenes
14/10 Ida-Maria Sintorn Automatic identification and classification of Cytomegalovirus capsids in electron micrographs
21/10 Mats Eriksson Error detecting and error correcting codes
28/10 Petra Philipson Evaluation of Swedish lake water quality modeling from remote sensing
4/11 No seminar ---
8/11 at 10:15
(extra seminar)
Torgil Svensson Implementation and Evaluation of Image Analysis Based Seed Classification and Sorting System
Master thesis presentation
11/11 Anders Hast Improved Shadows by Modifying the Shadow MapTechnique and the Phong-Blinn Light Model
13/11 at 10:15 Ingela Nyström Challenges in measuring surface area and volume in digital images
(The Seminar will be held in room 2347 at the MIC-area, Polacksbacken, Uppsala University)
18/11 Natasa Sladoje Application of Fuzzy Set Theory in Image Segmentation
25/11 Tommy Lindell Can coral reefs be monitored from space?
26/11 Xavier Tizon A short overview on 2 talks at the MIA'2002 conference
2/12 Ola Weistrand How to balance a turbine?
9/12 Ewert Bengtsson All of the following topics
11/12 at 10:15
(extra seminar)
Jay Udupa A framework for the evaluation of image segmentation algorithms
The Medical Image Processing Group
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
12/12 at 10:15 Mattias Aronsson On 3D Fibre Measurements of Digitized Paper - from microscopy to fibre network
(Place: Häggsalen (room 10132), Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Polacksbacken, Uppsala University)
18/12 at 10:15
(extra seminar)
Björn Johansson Road sign recognition from a moving vehicle
Master thesis presentation
(Note: Red text for the speakers from outside CBA)

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