SLU Centre for Image Analysis Uppsala University

   Seminars at CBA

Fall 2004

Each Monday, at about 15:15 until 16:00, seminars about current research
at the Centre for Image Analysis are given in  "seminarierummet",

room 222,  Lägerhyddsvägen 3, Uppsala.
Sometimes extra seminars are held at other times than mentioned above.
In such cases the time for the seminar is mentioned in connection to the extra seminar.

The seminars are open to everybody interested in the topics

Welcome !
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(Note: Red text for the speakers from outside CBA)

30/8 --no speaker--
at 15.15
Dr Andrew P. Bradley A Practical Introduction to JPEG 2000
Univ of Queensland, Australia
6/9 Robin Strand Resolution pyramids on the fcc and bcc grids
at 15.15
Åsa Odell An automatic method for acquiring paper cross section images
Master thesis presentation
13/9 Emma Gustafsson Registration of tomographic animal volume images, from microPET, CT and MRT
20/9 Erik Vidholm A short introduction to VTK
27/9 Pasha Razifar Applying Multivariate analysis on dynamic and noisy PET data
at 15.15
Mathias Klippinge Investigating an Image Analysis Approach for Characterisation and Differentiation of Fungal Spores
Master thesis presentation
at 15.15
Jonas Agmund Fast surface rendering for interactive volume image segmentation in a haptic environment
Master thesis presentation
11/10 Julia Åhlen On Colour Reconstruction of Underwater Images Taken in Shallow Waters
13/10 Xavier Tizon
at 16.00
Algorithms for the analysis of 3D magnetic resonance angiography images
18/10 -No speaker-
at 15.15
Erik Cedheim 3D-reconstruction of paper volum
Master thesis presentation
at 15.15
Holland Cheng Essences of nanostructural polyvalence & protein network in virus infection
Master thesis presentation
8/11 Patrick Karlsson Cancelled
15/11 Hamed Hamid Muhammed Cognitive vision systems
22/11 Erik Melin Manifolds
at 15.15
Mats Erikson Segmentation and Classification of Individual Tree Crowns in High Spatial Resolution Aerial Images
29/11 Fredrik Bergholm Robustness - calculation of spectra
6/12 --no speaker-- ?
13/12 --no seminar--
at 15.15
Magnus Gedda A Short Introduction To ITK
20/12 Maria Axelsson An overview of image analysis in paper science
(Note: Red text for the speakers from outside CBA)

Please send your e-mail address to me, if you wish to join our seminar-reminder e-mail list

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