SLU Centre for Image Analysis Uppsala University

Seminars at CBA

Spring 2003

Each Monday, at about 15:15 until 16:00, seminars about current research
at the Centre for Image Analysis are given in  "seminarierummet",

room 222,  Lägerhyddvägen 3, Uppsala.
Sometimes extra seminars are held at other times than mentioned above.
In such cases the time for the seminar is mentioned in connection to the extra seminar.

The seminars are open to all specialists and non-specialists who are interested in the topics

Welcome !

13/1 Robin Strand Detektion av slitna strömavtagare med hjälp av datoriserad bildanalys
Master thesis presentation (in Swedish)
at 15:15
Calum MacAulay At the Interface Between Biomedical Optics and Cancer Research
Head of Cancer Imaging Unit, British Columbia Cancer Research Center
17/1 at 10:15 Joakim Lindblad Development of Algorithms for Digital Image Cytometry
(Place: Häggsalen (room 10132), Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Polacksbacken, Uppsala University)
20/1 Felix Wehrmann Non-linear modelling of shape
23/1 at 15.00 Arvid Emtegren Användning av smart kamera för inspektion av topografi och glans hos blanka objekt
Master thesis presentation (in Swedish)
27/1 Erik Vidholm A tool for filtering and visualization of digital images in the Fourier domain
Master thesis presentation
3/2 Gunilla Borgefors Tessellating the plane with regular polygons
6/2 at 15.00 Hans Frimmel Datorstödd datortomografidiagnostik för tjocktarmscancer -- översikt och centrumlinjer
Department of Scientific Computing (TDB), Uppsala University
10/2 Stina Svensson 2 months in Delft trying to understand how to deal with 4D images
14/2 at 10.15 Jean Serra Colour image processing
Center of Mathematical Morphology, Fontainebleau, France
17/2 Pascha Razifar Creating synthetic PET images and using Auto-correlation function (ACF) for verification of the precision of the reconstruction algorithm
24/2 Julia Åhlen Influence of Bottom Reflectance on a Color Correction Algorithm for Underwater Images
3/3 at 10.15 Anna Rydberg Bildanalys i dagens jordbruk - så mycket mer än satellitbilder
Institutet för jordbruks- och miljöteknik
3/3 Hamed Hamid Muhammed Capturing spatial and spectral information simultaneously - by using WINN
10/3 Mats Eriksson Segmentation by Brownian motion
at 15:15
Bruno Merven Visual tracking in 3-dimensions using single/multiple fixed camera(s) configurations
17/3 Petra Philipson Environmental applications of aquatic remote sensing
18/3 at 15.15 Stefan Seipel Forskning inom grafik och visualisering
20/3 at 10.15 Hannah Myerscough 3D Visualisation of Sonar Coverage Data
Master thesis presentation
28/3 at 10:15 Petra Philipson Environmental applications of aquatic remote sensing
(Place: Häggsalen (room 10132), Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Polacksbacken, Uppsala University)
31/3 Ingela Nyström Grey-level convex hull computation utilized in paper pore analysis
7/4 at 15.15 Karl Bolin & Johan Helgesson Automatic Image Analysis of concrete cracks
Master thesis presentation
11/4 at 14.00 Jocelyn CHANUSSOT Non linear filters for multicomponent images + guests
LIS, Grenoble, France
14/4 Xavier Tizon Plaque burden estimation on whole-body MRA. First steps: registration and segmentation
21/4 No seminar ---
28/4 Ewert Bengtsson Cell image analysis; past, present and future
5/5 Ola Weistrand Shape description through surface parametrization
12/5 Patrick Karlsson Simulated annealing - applied to the traveling salesman problem
19/5 at 15.15 Tomas Lundberg Volume Rendering of Anathomy Data
Nucletron, Sweden
26/5 Ida-Maria Sintorn Combining Intensity, Edge, and Shape Information for 2D and 3D Segmentation of Cell Nuclei?
2/6 Anders Hast Fast Specular Highlights by Modifying the Phong-Blinn Model
11/6 at 15.15 Magnus Blomberg Att identifiera och lägesbestämma verktygshandtag med bildanalys
Master thesis presentation
25/8 at 15.15 Daniel Eliasson Measuring the Length of the Intersection of a Line and a Digital Volume
Master thesis presentation
(Note: Red text for the speakers from outside CBA)

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