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Forskning vid Centrum för bildanalys

Nedan listas de områden som Centrum för bildanalys har verksamhet inom samt aktuella forskningsprojekt inom varje område. För mer information om de olika projekten, se projektbeskrivningarna i sista åsrapporten.

Theory: discrete geometry, volumes and fuzzy methods

  • Skeletonization in 3D discrete binary images
  • Distance functions and distance transforms in discrete images
  • Comparison of gray weighted distance measures
  • Polar distance transform
  • Image processing and analysis of 3D images in the bcc and fcc grids
  • Defuzzification of fuzzy segmented objects by feature invariance
  • Spel coverage representations

Analysis of microscopic biomedical images

  • New objective quantitative analysis techniques for quantification of tissue regeneration around medical devices
  • Analysis of skeletal muscle fibers in three dimensional images
  • Analysis of rat embryo heart activity
  • Automated localisation of macromolecules in cryo electron tomographic data
  • Segmentation and analysis of point-like fluorescent signals in 2D and 3D images of cells
  • Image based measurements of single cell mtDNA mutation load
  • Quantification and localization of colocalization
  • Analysis of random array data
  • Monitoring cell growth by wavelet based texture classification
  • Parallax error correction in retinal image registration
  • Identification of highly pathogenic viruses in transmission electron microscopy images
  • Analysis of virus morphology in electron microscopy images
  • A multidisciplinary approach to establish mechanisms for mitochondrial DNA segregation in human disease

3D analysis and visualization

  • Improved interactive medical image analysis through haptic display methods
  • Interactive organ segmentation from abdominal CT images
  • Analysis of dynamic breast MRI
  • Interactive Interactive segmentation of back muscles in MR images
  • Efficient algorithms for computer graphics
  • Whole hand haptics with true 3D displays
  • ProViz -- Interactive visualization of in situ 3D protein images
  • PAP-cell detection, analysis and classification

Forestry related applications

  • Image analysis of the internal paper structure and cellulose based composite materials in 3D images
  • Log end feature extraction of untreated wood logs in saw mill environment
  • Detection of rot in end faces of wood logs
  • Quantification of the quality of wood fibres

Remote sensing

  • Surtsey and Capelinhos, two contemporary submarine volcanoes

Other projects

  • The development of a general image analysis software platform
  • Comparison of priority queue algorithms
  • Geodesic computations in sampled manifolds

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