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Visiting address

Lägerhyddsvägen 2
House 2

Postal address

Centre for Image Analysis
Box 337
SE-751 05 Uppsala

Telephone, fax and e-mail

+46 18 471 34 60(Phone)
+46 18 55 34 47(Fax)


Lena Wadelius
Personel administrator
Telephone: +46 18 471 34 60
Office: 2118
E-mail: lena@cb.uu.se

Travel directions and information about visits in Uppsala

Travel directions to CBA and accomodation information are found here.

CBA webpages

The CBA web group are responsible for the CBA webpages. The webmaster can be contacted via e-mail web@cb.uu.se. On the bottom of each page the responisble person is indicated. For personal webpages the respectitve employee is resonsible.